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Voices of old customers. It has a firm taste, a delicate taste, a taste that you can drink with peace of mind, and so on.

Sake brewed with hard water. It very clearly reflects and expresses the individual character of the sake. We also want to make sake that is highly refined and that impresses our customers. On the other hand, it’s good to have a relaxing drink that you can casually enjoy on a daily basis.

Yoshikawa Brewery brews sake with the intention of writing a letter to the customer while imagining the face of the person who will drink it.


The seventh generation chief brewer of our brewery. Mizuno Toji, who took office in 2012, learned sake brewing techniques by himself while following the flow of Echigo Toji.

In contrast to the previous master brewer who was skilled at making strong, rich and dry sake, he specializes in brewing delicate and mellow ginjo and junmai sake.

Not satisfied with traditional methods, he is also an inquirer who aims to make sake that is better and suited to the times. . The sake brewed by mixing old and new techniques has a core and is a sake that brings out personality.

Sake Brewing Experience

Young brewers also gather in the brewery and devote themselves to their studies every day. Pride in being a member of history and dreaming of the future of sake.

The life of a brewer during the sake brewing period is sometimes harsh. Starting with the rice steaming in the early morning, I come to the brewery even late at night to see how the fermentation is progressing. Even with the increasing mechanization of sake brewing, there is no change in dealing with living creatures.

That is why the joy of producing sake that everyone can say is delicious is irreplaceable.

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