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Traditional Kyoto sake with a sense of history

Kitagawa Honke is a long-established sake brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto with a history of over 360 years since the early Edo period.
In the environment blessed with abundant water in Fushimi, we have continued to walk along with the food culture of Kyoto.
The traditional techniques that have been refined are reflected in the achievements of winning 18 gold medals at the National New Sake Appraisal.

A “standard” nurtured with the culture of Kyoto

Starting with Tomio, a standard sake brand that has been nurtured along with the history of Kyoto, we also offer liqueurs created by marriage with Kyoto ingredients, and shochu that makes the most of the characteristics of Kyoto-grown rice.

Sake brewing is human development

Manufacturing with sincerity. While protecting what has been important so far, change what should be changed with courage. To cherish the connection with people and to create things together with people. We change the “en” into the form of sake and brew it.


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