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Soft acidity and umami of rice.
A crisp sake that goes well with meals

Our sake brewery always values ​​harmony with meals. Based on the concept of “a great supporting role that makes the most of Japanese ingredients and food culture”, we aim to create a sharp sake that blends with food and complements the taste of the food, while the more you drink it, the more you drink it, the more delicious it becomes. .
We use “ancient water” from 200 meters underground, which is more than two bedrocks, for the brewing water. The “soft acidity” produced by ultra-soft water and careful squeezing brings a pleasant afterglow in a fresh crispness. It goes well with small fish from the Seto Inland Sea.

As the only sake brewery remaining in Fukuyama City. Thoughts on my hometown, Kannabe.​

“Kannabe” is located about 10km north of Fukuyama as the gateway. Tenhoichi, which has been in business for more than 100 years in this land with a name that is appropriate for brewing sake called mishinzake, is now the only sake brewery in Fukuyama City. To make sake that is highly evaluated outside the prefecture and overseas as “Kannabe’s local sake”. We believe that this is our mission and the first step in giving back to the local community.

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