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What is Kokushi Musou? 

Since its birth in 1975, Kokushi Musou has gained a reputation for its masculine and refreshing dry taste. Until the birth of Kokushi Musou, the sweet taste was the mainstream. After the war, most sake brewers tried to make as much sake as possible from a small amount of raw rice, increasing the alcohol content and adding water. It was sake. As a reaction to this, as concerns about raw materials disappeared, sake suddenly turned to sweet sake, and the sweet era continued for a while. There was an increasing demand for Quickly grasping the trend of the times, Takasago Sake Brewery made a bold decision to bring out the dry sake “Kokushi Musou”. Currently, the sake that is being sold under the brand name of “Kokushimusou” ranges from daiginjo sake to seasonal limited sake. The sake, which is said to have changed the flow of Japanese sake, has been refined and honed by the traditions and techniques passed down by the brewers, and is moistening the throat and heart of people all over the country.

~ Naming Episode ~

The name comes from a Chinese chronicle about 2,200 years ago, when the shogun Han Xin, who is said to have been active during the Han Dynasty, was praised as “Kokushi Musou (an outstanding human being like no other in the world)”. Named after an anecdote. The name was given by the 4th generation sake brewery with the wish to create a unique sake that will be handed down to future generations.

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