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Hanagaki Sake

 It has been over 100 years since it was created in 1901 (Meiji 34). Based on the philosophy of “Dedicating ourselves to hand-brewing and delivering higher quality sake to the world”, we continue to take on new challenges while preserving traditions using the blessed local water and rice. [Regional features] Ono City in Fukui Prefecture is located in the eastern part of Fukui Prefecture, and is one of the areas with the most heavy snowfall in the Hokuriku region, overlooking the Hakusan Mountains behind it. It is a basin surrounded by 1,000m-class mountains on all sides, with the Kuzuryu River flowing through the center, and is blessed with abundant spring water from the underground water. It is a castle town centered on Ono Castle, and is called “Little Kyoto of Hokuriku” because of its appearance. Kuramae-dori “Shichiken Street” is famous for the “Shichiken Morning Market” with a history of more than 400 years.

Characteristics of the Brewery

Based on the credo of “making by hand and brewing only the amount that our eyes can see”, we are working hard every day to expand the variation of sake while paying attention to raw materials and respecting traditional techniques. In addition to working on organic farming in partnership with a local agricultural corporation, we have acquired the certification of “organic agricultural processed alcoholic beverages”, brewing sake using the rare sake rice “Kame no O” that has been revived, and aging sake in recent years. Although it is a small brewery, we are making sake with great attention to detail, such as focusing on research.

Pride of the Brewery

Our brewery is located in Echizen Ono, which is a famous water village represented by Japan’s 100 famous water “Oshimizu” and one of the leading production areas in Japan for sake brewing rice “Gohyakumangoku”. We are blessed with a natural environment where we can obtain the best raw materials for sake brewing. The toji, who was appointed in 2007, has trained alongside the former toji, who has outstanding skills, for 12 years. Together with our brewers, who are confident in their physical strength and have an average age of 35, we continue to challenge ourselves to create “sake with great taste” and brew a wide variety of sake.

[Overall Characteristics of the Taste of Brewery Sake]

Smooth and mellow. Delicate, smooth, flavorful sake.

[Origin of company name and brand name]

When the 6th generation Teigura started brewing sake, the finished sake was very well received. It is written that I got drunk with the droplets of gems that I could not stand. At that time, it is said that he chose the word “Hanagaki” from the first verse of the Noh song “Hanagatami” as the brand name. It is an auspicious word that pleases people’s hearts, pleases the eyes, and is full of hope

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